Sample PNG Image

PNG is an abbreviation of Portable Network Graphics and mostly doesn’t lose the file’s quality after the compression. PNG is the replacement of a GIF file. PNG format is specifically designed for the transfer of images instead of printing. We provide a sample .png file for testing in 500 KB, 1 MB, and 5 MB.

How to download a sample PNG image from

To download a sample PNG image just follow the Steps. With a few clicks, you will get your desired sample PNG images.


To download a sample PNG image you need to browse the URL.

Download Free Sample PNG Images


On the web page sample PNG images are available in various sizes. Your next step for downloading sample PNG images is just to choose the size for the sample PNG image you need.


Now in the final step click on the download button in front of the sizes to download sample PNG image. As you click on the button, your PNG image will be downloaded in no time.

Why Choose to Download Our Sample PNG Image

Our sample and test files provide many features. Below are some features that make our sample PNG image unique from others.

Unlimited Usage

You can download sample PNG image as many times as you need and at any time. 

No Charges

Our download sample PNG image service is free of cost. No hidden charges are implemented or applied when downloading sample images.

Accurate Sizes

Accuracy for the sample PNG image as testing data is crucial. The sizes mentioned with the images are the same as per mentioned in the list.

Various sizes

We provide sample PNG image in a range of different sizes. 

High-Resolution Images

Sample PNG images are available on freetestdata are high resolutions.


Can I download a sample PNG image on Mobile and tab?

Yes, You can download sample PNG image on all devices. Our platform is compatible with different operating systems, web browsers and devices.

Are the downloaded sample PNG image secure or not?

Yes, we guarantee to provide secure sample images for our users. 

Sample PNG image free download or paid?

Yes, downloading sample PNG image is totally free.