Sample SVG File

SVG is a Scalable Vector Graphic that is used to display two-dimensional illustrations. Basically, SVG is used in website icons, logos, and infographics. These files are high-quality vector files so they can’t lose image quality. We provide Sample SVG File for testing in 500kb, 1 MB, 3 MB, and 5MB

What is a Sample SVG File?

The SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. SCG file format is a 2-dimensional vector graphics image format. SVG file format is based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language) language. SVG file format is a text-based image file format. The key characteristic of SVG is its scalability which allows graphics can be resized without losing the quality of the image.


Features of Sample SVG image download from

Unlimited Times Download

You can download sample SVG images as many times as you want. No limit is implemented on downloading sample SVG images.

Variety of sizes

Various sizes of SVG images are available that help you to perform your testing SVG image or upload functionality.


What are the key features of the Sample SVG File?

Sample SVG file has the following key features that make it popular and useful for web design and development.


SVG is ideal for responsive design across various screen sizes. For various sizes of SVG, it supports the clarity and sharpness of an image or logo. This defining feature of SVG increases its scalability.


Vector Base

Sample SVG file format is based on vector graphics and is best for defining shapes and positions. This makes the SVG images look clear on different screen resolutions.


Support Text Format

SVG is an image format that supports Text. This makes it readable and editable with a simple text editor. 


Interactive with JavaScript

SVG image format supports JavaScript. SVG image format makes it possible to create engaging logos and images to enhance engagement and user experiences.


Styling with CSS

Designers can apply styles to SVG images using CSS. SVG image format has the ability to change colors, add gradients, and apply various visual effects.


Compact File Sizes

Compared to the other image formats, SVG image file formats tend to have smaller file sizes. This increases the website page speed, and performance, contributing to faster loading times.


Platform Independent

Sample SVG File format supports all browsers, different resolutions and operating systems. This performs a consistent behaviour so it is the best choice to use on web applications.


How to download Sample SVG File from

To download sample SVG file from the, just perform the following steps.

Step 1

Browse the URL SVG file free download to download sample SVG file.

Step 2

Following sizes for the sample SVG file are available for you. Just choose the SVG file size you need.

  • 500 KB
  • 1 MB
  • 3 MB
  • 5 MB

Step 2

After selecting the file size all you need to click on the download button. Your sample SVG file will be downloaded as you click on the button.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s


Is it free to download sample SVG images?

Yes, Free test data provides quality sample SVG images free to download.

Are the sample SVG images secure to use?

Our team performed multiple security checks and scanned for security before uploading and available for you.