Sample MP4 File for Testing

MP4 File is used to store, share video or audio content. It was introduced in 2001 and then they become the most popular file format that store digital multimedia files.

Why we use sample MP4 file for testing?

Sample MP4 file is used to check the compatibility, functionality or testing the performance of applications like video editing software, media player and transcoding tools.

Free Test Data provides sample MP4 file in different sizes. So, you can choose the file size that you required. These files are specially design for developers, testers and ensure the quality of the product. MP4 testing file is used to check the compatibility, performance and troubleshooting of the media player and video editing software.


Sample MP4 file helps the tester or developer to check the compatibility of media player. And that make the software versatile in terms of compatibility.


Sample MP4 file helps the developer to check the performance of their application like how they can handle large file size and play smoothly or not. That really help the developer or tester to ensure the performance of the software.


Sample MP4 file can be used to test the software and detect or troubleshoot the issues that they are facing during the checking testing of the software.

How to Use Sample MP4 Files for Testing?

These are the steps to use sample MP4 file for testing:

  1. Download a sample MP4 file.
  2. Open the file in the Application, such as a media player or any video editing tool that you want to test.
  3. Observe the performance of the software and note the issues or problems.
  4. Repeat the process with different sample files to evaluate the software’s performance.


Sample MP4 file are available in different file sizes. Free Test Data provide sample mp4 file in 1mb, 2mb, 7mb, 10mb and 15mb. These file sizes are mostly used to test the software.


Are these Sample Mp4 files sizes accurate?

Yes, Free Test Data provides accurate file sizes that really help our user to test the software.

Are these sample files free to download?

Yes, you can download these files for free without paying any fee.