Sample CSV File for Testing

CSV stands for Comma Separated Value and it is a text file that store and exchange data between different software like Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets. CSV file is a popular file format that are supported by almost all related applications.

What is Sample CSV file for testing?

Sample CSV file is used to test the functionality of the software without using your actual data. Free Test Data provides sample csv file that contains different data types like text, number etc. Sample CSV file are available in different sizes that helps the developers to test the software quickly. You can test the software with different types of data, different size of the file, different number of rows and with different combination of data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these sample CSV file free to use?

Yes, free test data provides all sample files for free. We provide different file formats in different sizes that the developers and quality assurance engineers mostly use.

In which sizes sample CSV files are available?

Yes, Sample CSV files are available in different file sizes 200Kb, 300Kb, and 500kb. These sample sizes are mostly uses to test the software or application.