Lorem ipsum generator

Use lorem ipsum generator text to fill the space on the websites used by the designers with a creative mind. Start generating the dummy content with this advanced lorem ipsum content for free!

What is lorem ipsum text?

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text that may be used to fill up space in web page design or layout where the actual content is yet to be written.

How does a lorem ipsum generator tool works?

Our lorem ipsum generator tool automatically generates the lorem ipsum text for you. All you have to add the required number of paragraphs you need, click on the button our tool will generate the text for you. 

Free lorem ipsum generator by freetestdata.com

Freetestdata.com provide the Lorem ipsum tool as a free service for users. Simply generate the content and use it according to your need. To generate the lorem ipsum text just follow the following steps.

  1. Open Tool URL https://freetestdata.com/lorem-ipsum-generator
  2. Simply add the number of paragraphs in the text box as required. For Example 5
  3. Click on the Generate Text button 
  4. After clicking the button your required text is generated with your desired number of paragraphs.
  5. Copy the generated lorem ipsum text and use it. 
  6. Repeat the process as many times as you need it’s free.

Uses of lorem ipsum generator tool by freetestdata

Mockups and design layout

Lorem ipsum is dummy text commonly used by Graphic designers for creating web pages or application designs and Mockups. The client can view the final look of the developed design and approve the design.

Easily generate text

Generate lorem ipsum dummy content or text within sec on button click. And reduce the complexity for the non-technical resources.

Saves time

It took a lot of time of generating the actual content for the website. Proper working and strategy is required for content creation. And it is time taking task to perform. If a designer waits for the content, it is just a waste of time and resources. Freetestdata Lorem ipsum generator reduces and saves the cost for the overall project by supporting multitasking.