Sample WMV File for Testing

WMV file format is developed by Microsoft and most commonly used for streaming video on the internet. WMV files are also supported by Windows Media Player. That format occupies less space and maintains good quality due to this it is a very popular format.

What is a Sample WMV File for Testing?

Sample WMV file is used to check the compatibility of the software with WMV file format and to detect any issue with your media player. Free Test Data provide the sample files that help the developer

Why is it Important to Use a Sample WMV File for Testing?

It is very important to use the sample file to ensure the compatibility of the software, identify the issues, and check the quality of the software.

Compatibility Check

It helps to check whether your media player is compatible with the WMV file format or not. That helps the developer or tester to check before the project is going to live.

Identifying Issues

Sample WMV files are also used to identify the issues while playing in a media player. So, after identifying the issues, you can solve that issue and again test the media player using Sample WMV files.

Quality Check

A sample WMV file helps to check the quality of the video on different devices. So, you can analyze whether your video is playing smoothly on different devices or not. And these sample WMV files help you to identify the problem.

How to Use a Sample WMV File for Testing

There are a few steps to use a sample file in the software:

Download the Sample WMV File

  • Free Test Data provides sample WMV files in different sizes. Simply select the desired file size you want.

Play the Sample WMV File

  • Once you select and download it to your device then play it on the software that you want to test.

Check for Issues

  • When the video plays then analyze or identify the problem like glitches or any other problem in your software and try to fix that problem.


A sample WMV file for testing helps the developer or quality assurance engineer to test the compatibility of the software and identify the core issues and solve that issues according to the requirement.