Placeholder Image

Placeholder image provides temporary or generic images that can be used as visual representations in web design, prototyping, or development projects.

How to Use a Placeholder Image Generator?

Placeholder image generator generates a generic image placeholder for you so you can populate your content without hassle.

To use the placeholder image generator, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your desired image size. Choose between common sizes like medium square, large landscape, small portrait, etc. Or enter a custom width and height.
  2. Choose a color or pattern. Pick a style that fits your content theme.
  3. Once you’ve selected the options, your placeholder images will generate. Simply download them to your computer and upload them to your content.

Understanding Placeholder Images

So you need some placeholder images for your website or app mockup but don’t want to spend hours searching for free stock photos or, worse, pay for images you’ll likely never use again. FreeTestData placeholder image generator is the perfect solution. This image placeholder generator can generate free image placeholders in any size or color you want. Just enter the dimensions you need, choose a dominant color scheme, and in seconds you’ll have a set of dummy images ready to slot into your designs. 

What Are Placeholder Images?

Placeholder images, also known as dummy images, are temporary images used to fill the space where the final image will eventually be placed. They allow you to see how the page will look with images in place so you can focus on other aspects of the design like layout, spacing, and typography.

  • Placeholder images come in a variety of sizes, styles, and subjects like abstract shapes, landscapes, architecture, technology, and people.
  • The most well-known free image placeholder is Lorem Ipsum, which features scrambled Latin text.
  • Using dummy images keeps you from getting distracted by the actual images and lets you evaluate how the overall design is shaping up.

Benefits of Using Placeholder Images

There are a few key benefits to using placeholder images:

  1. They speed up the design process. You don’t have to wait for the final images to start designing the layout.
  2. They reduce distraction. Image placeholder generator lets you focus on spacing, alignment, and flow rather than getting caught up in the details of the images themselves.
  3. They make collaboration easier. When sharing mockups with clients or teammates, placeholder photos convey how the final design will look without the images being a distraction or confusing.
  4. They prevent confusion. Using generic placeholder images avoids the confusion that could arise from using stock photos that may be mistaken for the final images chosen for the project.

Usage of Placeholder Images

Placeholder images are essential for any web designer or developer. They allow you to design layouts, create prototypes, and show clients what a website may look like before the final images have been selected or created.

Client Presentation

For client projects, placeholder images allow you to create mockups and prototypes to visually represent how the final website may appear. Even though the images are just placeholders, your clients will get a sense of the overall aesthetic and style. They feel more involved in the design process, and you get important feedback to ensure the site meets their needs before building it.

Development Speed

Using placeholder photos helps speed up your design and development process. You don’t have to wait for images to be taken or created before starting a layout. Just drop in placeholder images and keep designing! This allows you to focus on things like:

  • The overall layout
  • Font choices
  • Color schemes
  • Navigation

Design Responsiveness

Placeholder images also make creating responsive designs a breeze. You can use the same placeholder photos across all viewport sizes, allowing you to focus solely on how the layout adapts to different screen widths. Then, once the final images have been selected, you simply swap out the placeholders.

Benefits of a Placeholder Image Generator

The placeholder image generator has several benefits that make it an invaluable tool for any blogger or content creator.


Placeholder image generator saves you time searching for free stock photos. You can generate custom placeholder images in just a few clicks. Just select your desired size, color, and text, and instantly download your image. No more wasting time sifting through thousands of irrelevant images.


With our placeholder image generator, you have full control over the look of your images. You can choose:

  • Size: From small placeholders to large hero images.
  • Color: Pick from a color wheel or enter a hex code.
  • Text: Add custom text like “Image coming soon” or your blog name. Select font, size, and color.
  • Shape: Choose square, circle, or custom shapes.

Easy Integration

The images you generate are downloaded as .png or .jpg files that you can easily upload to your blog posts or pages. They have a transparent background so they blend seamlessly into your content. You can also adjust the opacity for a watermark effect.

Using a placeholder image generator is a simple way to enhance your content and make your blog look more professional even before you source the perfect featured images. Give one a try and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are placeholder images suitable for all types of projects?

Yes, placeholder images are great for prototyping designs and wireframing websites or apps, but may not always be the best choice.

  • For an important presentation or final product, dummy photos or custom images are usually more professional.
  • If imagery is a key part of your content or brand identity, dummy images won’t properly convey your message.

Are there any limitations to the customization options provided by the placeholder image generator?

No, there is no limitation associated with our placeholder image generator. You can generate and customize image placeholders according to your need. 

Is this placeholder image generator free to use?

Yes, The Placeholder image generator is free of use. You can access it free of cost and perform all tasks very well.